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Download my non-copyrighted music!

You can download these original tracks and use them in your multimedia projects, such as games, YouTube videos, apps, etc. You just have to add a link to this website in the credits of your project or wherever you use my music. If you prefer not to credit, visit the licensing section for more info.

All files are in Ogg Vorbis format and completely ready to loop! This is to make easy its playback on video game engines. You can edit them and convert them to any audio format. If you want the original WAV file, you can get it with a Pro License.

Interpretación de una Fantasía
With a harpsichord and a strange measure, this dismal track was born.
A daring man entered the dictator’s house to steal something important, for example.
It’s Time To Run
The monster is chasing you! Terror theme for spooky stories, maybe? It’s up to you!
La Llamada de Ile
A sad man who fell in love with a sweet woman. Then she calls him to say ‘I love you too’?
La Verdad
Suspense little track, ideal for decisive moments or villain scenes.
Las Dos Fronteras
A nylon guitar and an accordion for a peaceful theme. Use it to add life to your quiet villages.
Let’s Play With The Demon
Some people have said that this is the loudest song they’ve heard. I’ll take it as a compliment.
Looking for a new beginning
Unusual instruments on an unusual scale. The result is something like post-apocalypthic?
Lord Mavras
Unusual rhythm and two pianos. This can only mean one thing: something evil is coming.
Major Loss
Sad and emotional theme, special for retro and vintage games, 8-bit style.
Markalo goes to the disco
A simple modern theme made to set parties or even futuristic battles.
Happy and soft royalty-free music to use in cheerful scenes.
Mimos Menguados
It can be happy, and it can be sad. This is one of those bittersweet songs, very helpful.
My Memory Lane
Perfect for memories. This song was intended to add an emotive lyric.
Never Surrender
Perfect for hopeful moments and revealing scenes. This song can be very emotive.
New Hope
I imagine this song playing on a title screen of a fantasy game. Can be?
Ouija A
Terror theme with a harpsichord and an oboe. Good combination for paranormal plots.
Ouija B
This is like a soundscape, can be used to set nocturnal ambients.
Ouija C
This is a slower version of ‘Ouija A’. Ideal for terror games, too.
Point of Clash
I played a famous game. Its electronic soundtrack inspired me to make this futuristic piece.

Creative Commons Music
These musical works are published under a Creative Commons license that allows their distribution and modification, even commercially (as long as they are part of another audiovisual project), provided that you grant the appropriate credit by sharing a link to this website or mentioning the name of the author: Patrick de Arteaga.

The term “non-copyrighted music” used on this website refers to the fact that the musical works displayed here do not retain all rights reserved. However, works with Creative Commons licenses are, in effect, protected by national laws and international copyright agreements.

What does non-copyrighted mean?

Both a musical piece and any other creation are subject to certain exploitation rights, which belong to the author unless otherwise agreed at the time of its creation or at a later time and is established in this way in a contract.

The music industry works in the following way, although it is a trend that changes with the streaming music: When you purchase any kind of music and pay for it, you obtain a product of which you have no rights whatsoever, allowing only your personal listening, having to ask permission to make a commercial use of it.

The fact that certain music is not copyrighted means that the author gives up all or part of the exploitation rights. In this case, the music that you find in this section is registered under a Creative Commons license, which implies that rights of commercial exploitation, transformation, and redistribution are transferred to the user (as long as it is used as part of other audiovisual projects), but not of attribution, that is, the original authorship have to be cited in any case.

People often confuse this term with the term of royalty free music. But in the case of the audio material in this section, you don’t have to worry, since my tracks here are both terms. Visit the licensing section if you have any doubts.

Pros of non-copyrighted music

Having this type of music has many advantages. Mainly, the fact of being free and free to download enables you to have works that can be used directly on videos, games or audiovisual projects, or even if the license allows you, you can take fragments or modify their melodies to include them as best suits you within your multimedia project.

No copyright music is a way to contribute art to the world and make it accessible to all types of users. There are composers of all styles who offer their works for free, in order to become recognized, or simply as an altruistic way of dealing with art. Creative Commons music is the most common way to encourage this in the case of music.

Also, when you are creating your own audiovisual project, you can register your work, already having permission to include this music within your work.

What is background music?

There are not a few people who wonder what free background music or ambient music is, so if you are one of these people, don’t worry, you are not alone. This type of music is characterized by its use. As its name suggests, it is intended to be heard inadvertently and serves as an accompaniment to another element of greater importance. In general, it sounds at low volume to avoid deflecting attention and is composed to be able to play in a loop.

Background music is also called functional music in other areas, which is the same as accompaniment music (usually instrumental) to add life to certain events or places. It is complementary music that can be used to enhance audiovisual scenes, such as video games and multimedia projects, or in other more everyday areas such as lifts, waiting rooms, etc.

Usually, background music is related to the stage or the place where it’s playing. Like, for example, electronic or futuristic music can be played in a sci-fi game, or mystery music in a horror game.

Therefore, you can use this type of music in your multimedia projects. Choose among my royalty free background music for games or for multimedia projects in general and make your idea come true.

What makes music for video games special?

A piece of music, in general, is referred to as a song, which has certain identifiable parts, such as the opening, stanzas, chorus and the closing. However, music for video games is background music that is designed to be used in loop mode, that is, it has to be repeated infinitely without damaging its structure, allowing a linkage between the end and the beginning.

In video games, the music will be background or ambient, this is, it should serve to enhance the experience in scenes and stages. It should not pretend to be the main point of attention (except in games where music is part of the gameplay mechanics), compositions are geared in order to strengthen emotions, then, with an emotional scene, you can make a song become epic music.

Another noteworthy feature is that, depending on the game, chiptune or 8-bit music is sometimes used, which is created by emulating sounds that imitate the music of old gaming consoles, which allows adding an atmosphere of projects with retro graphics features.

In addition, this type of music can be downloaded in Ogg Vorbis format to ease the loop. This format has the particularity of being free and of keeping (and even surpassing) the quality of the popular MP3 format when compressed, also facilitating the optimization of its file size to help when running the game.

Why is this instrumental background music royalty-free?

The works you see in this section have involved effort, time and some economic investment to pay for the tools that enable its creation. And you may think: why do you offer them for free? The fact that this instrumental music is included in video games, YouTube videos or anywhere on the Internet, besides being a personal satisfaction, is also a way for me to become recognized. Therefore, using this free royalty free music you will be supporting me. So, feel free to choose any of these tracks to add life to your projects musically. This is high quality stock music, take adventage!

Download copyright-free background music for free

As I said, in this section you have many royalty-free music tracks that you can download freely. A description is included for each of them that serves as a guidance to get an idea of the musical style of each piece and how you can use it in your video game or audiovisual project. It’s just a guidance note, you can use this songs as best suits you, without restraint, the only thing I ask is that you include a reference to my authorship, as indicated by the license, since this is Creative Commons music with an attribution license.

Are you not satisfied with this music? Do you want something more customized? Remember that if you want to have exclusive music composed solely for your video game or your multimedia project, you can contact me through this contact form.

Chiptune and MIDI format versions of many of the songs listed here are also available. If you need them, you can buy them in the store or get a free part by subscribing to my newsletter.