Action Music

Choose and download action music, ideal for battles, fights or tense scenes of your video game projects. All of this tracks are not copyrighted, so you can use them simply by adding a link to or my name Patrick de Arteaga in the credits of your game. And, of course, it’s royalty-free.

Created for your battles and tense scenes. Runaway or let’s fight against danger.
Intergalactic Odyssey
Another futuristic track with a rock style, suitable for battles or arcade games.
Chase At Rush Hour
This cinematic style track is ideal for action scenes or playable moments of high adrenaline.
Luchando En El Peligro 2.0
After a mixture of folk and modern, this theme emerged 10 years ago. Now remixed.
Interstellar Odyssey
Perfect for arcade and futuristic games. Electronic music always works with Sci-Fi genre.
Electronic Fantasy
Very rhythmical arcade theme. Nice for platform and adventure games.
Acción (Merodeador Nocturno)
Useful theme for intense battles, with strong percussion and some hopeful chords.
Batalla por la Libertad
Rock style with brass and violins. Add emotion and heroism to your tense clashes.
Biological Weapon
A strong and rhythmic battle theme focused on horror. This can be useful for playing a monster.
Death At My Heels
Shuddering chase and intense persecutions with an orchestral style.
Heroic Intrusion
I was inspired by something epic and futuristic. I think it is ideal for fights and adventure games.
Humble Match
A rhythmic theme, perhaps for a disco, perhaps for a fight.
It’s Time To Run
The monster is chasing you! Terror theme for spooky stories, maybe? It’s up to you!
Let’s Play With The Demon
Some people have said that this is the loudest song they’ve heard. I’ll take it as a compliment.
Markalo goes to the disco
A simple modern theme made to set parties or even futuristic battles.
Prórroga de Tiempo A
This kind of cinematic music is suitable for tension or danger moments.
Rey de Picas
Suitable for hard fights, this boss theme emerged from the darkest corners of my imagination.
TS – Beat Y
A mix of mystery and the Hip-Hop genre. It can be used for dark scenes.

Creative Commons Music
These musical works are published under a Creative Commons license that allows their distribution and modification, even commercially (as long as they are part of another audiovisual project), provided that you grant the appropriate credit by sharing a link to this website or mentioning the name of the author: Patrick de Arteaga.

The term “non-copyrighted music” used on this website refers to the fact that the musical works displayed here do not retain all rights reserved. However, works with Creative Commons licenses are, in effect, protected by national laws and international copyright agreements.

Role of action music

Action music in video games, like all the music that adds atmosphere to them in general, has an important role in its development, since, as already mentioned, it is the one which is responsible for enhancing the game environment. We can say that images are the basis of a game and that music is what complements this base.

This type of music can be found in different types of games, as it is common to find it in games of arcade mode where what is offered are games with simple objectives, such as winning a football match, winning a battle, completing a jigsaw puzzle or performing any skillful action before a set time.

In most of the action games, which focus their gameplay in creating constant tension, it is about advancing levels or missions and destroying enemies, and every certain level to face “bosses”, which are enemy characters that pose greater difficulty than usual and which are the door to move to the next level or stage. They are action because they propose a very active gameplay.

Video games present challenges to the player, and since tension is a common element when presenting challenges, almost any genre of video games can contain action music. For example, in Resident Evil games, the player must advance among stages and be careful not to be massacred by zombies or infected enemies, thus interspersing horror music with action music.

Action music features

This music has the characteristic of being very rhythmic. At the same time, it can contain different genres and provide a happy or dark atmosphere, always depending on the situation of the game and the action that the player is performing. This is something that highlights as a clear difference between music for video games and conventional music.

As I mentioned on other sections, this type of music is created to be played in a loop without the player being aware of it, and must have some fluency to accompany the progress of the game and encourage the player to perform the various actions that are allowed.

At the time of composing this type of tracks, use is made a lot of percussions, with drums, orchestra tympanis, electronic percussion sets or rock drums. It is about making compositions with very rhythmical atmosphere, sometimes very rapid. It also includes harmony to add some feeling that merges with the tension, can be chords that sound hopeful, heroic or dark.

In the game Super Mario Bros., at the final stage, on the way to rescue Princess Peach and fight against the final boss, the evil King Koopa, it would not make sense to include the main theme, that cheerful song that sounds when you go by the surface, because it does not give the same effect. Instead, what it sounds is dark music, something more accelerated, and that creates tension. This mechanics is followed in most video games.

Unlike the soundtrack of a movie, in a video game it is not about composing something with sporadic or irregular rhythm changes, suitable for each particular scene and with a very varied length, but video games are interactive, the player is who decides which actions he is going to take and therefore the music tends to be constant to allow time for the player to response.

Non-copyrighted action music

Actually, copyright is a non-license, that is, the author of a work reserves all the rights thereof, does not transfer them through any license. On the other hand, non-copyrighted works (without copyright) are subject to a license that gives all or part of the rights, such as the right to distribute them (to make copies of the works), the right for commercial use and the right to modify them or to create derivative works.

For example, in the case that a music composer copyright a song with a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY), all those rights are allowed provided that the original author is mentioned wherever the works are included or distributed, as usual in free music for videos, whose users credit the music in their YouTube videos. Just like the ones you see on this page.

Non-copyrighted action music does not have differences with copyrighted music, simply it is a matter of permissions. There is very good music that can be found with licenses for free use, while there is music with copyright that may not be very good. With this, we can say that the copyright or any license is not indicative of the quality of the composition.

Currently, the term “copyright free” or “without copyright” is confused (especially with “royalty-free”) due to its incorrect use on the Internet. It must be understood that a work may have all rights reserved (copyright) or released some of them (in this case, the license must indicate to which rights it is being renounced).

The fact that certain music is copyright-free or that is linked to a flexible license does not mean that this music is public domain, there may be music without copyright that must be attributed, and other obligations.

Free or paid royalty-free action music

Beyond the licenses, you can find free and paid action music, and you can also pay to have exclusive music composed only for you. The difference is that when you pay for this you can get a customized composition that suits the needs of your game or audiovisual project, while, if you download a free song from the Internet or buy library music, it may not fit according to how you want to use it, and maybe you have to make complicated modifications.

Therefore, commissioning a custom composition ensures you have a soundtrack that is created from scratch for your video game only, also giving you the exploitation rights of the work through an assignment of copyright contract, and which will enhance the final quality of your product. If you are interested in having your own original soundtrack, you can count on my services. Request a personalized quote through the contact section of this website.

Download royalty-free action music

In this section, you have my collection of free action music that you can freely download. I have composed all of it and it is duly registered, so you will not have to ask for special permits from third parties.

My free works are under a Creative Commons license with an attribution condition, which means that they can be used into any multimedia project for commercial purposes, can be freely modified, and reused for an unlimited number of times. But always giving the corresponding credits to its original author, in this case, you have to include a link to my website or my name Patrick de Arteaga in the credits of your projects. Don’t you want to give credit? No problem, you can buy a Pro License and enjoy using my music without the limitations of the Creative Commons license.

There is an audio player next to each song so you can listen to it without having to download it. You can also see that I have added a small description of each one in case it can help you inspire.