Patrick de Arteaga Music Licensing

Choose between two types of license when using my royalty-free music: Pro License and Free License.

If you choose the Free License (Creative Commons license) you don’t have to do anything else, just use my music according to its conditions and give credit to

On the other hand, you can buy a Pro License if you prefer more freedom, such as not attributing authorship.

FeaturesFree License
(Creative Commons)
Pro License
Free$9.99 Each Track
-Video Games
-YouTube and others (Vimeo, etc.)
-Mobile Apps
-Podcasts (with credits)
-Indie films

Monetize all multimedia projects above with unlimited copies
Credits are optional
-Web Advertising
-Streaming services
-Podcasts (no credits)

-Music on hold
-Background music in locals or any physical space

Educational use without credits (Online courses/Elearning)
Sell projects to your clients exclusively
TV or Radio broadcast, local and international
Resell or re-license audio only material

Both. My music is royalty-free and is also free of copyright. This means that you can download unlimited copies of my music tracks, and that you do not have to pay for each time you use them.

But note that this does not mean that my music is public domain. My free music has a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license and you are free to use it whenever you can give credit to properly.

If you cannot or do not prefer to give credit, you can buy a Pro License and break the limitations of the Free License.

With a Pro License, you will be able to use my music in this example cases:

  • Video games
  • Mobile applications
  • YouTube and others (Vimeo, etc.)
  • Training/educational videos
  • Promotional marketing videos
  • Streaming services
  • Podcasts / Audio books
  • Indie films / Documentaries / Animations
  • Face-to-face presentations / Slideshow
  • Celebration Events / Shows
  • Web/online Advertisement
  • On hold systems
  • Background music for any physical event
If you are not a Pro License user, the Creative Commons Attribution license allows you to use my music only there where you can credit properly.

Yes. Under a Creative Commons Attribution license, you can monetize your multimedia projects as long as you credit my authorship with a link to this website.

If you are a Pro License user, you are not required to credit any authorship, and you can use my music to monetize your projects even there where Creative Commons license users can’t.

Yes. You can edit my music freely, remix it and create derivative works, provided that certify my authorship with a link to this website or with my name Patrick de Arteaga, and indicate if any modifications have been made.

If you are a Pro License user, you are exempt from the above, as long as you comply with the condition of not to sell the audio material individually.

Yes, as long as the project you sell complies with the conditions of the license you are using. For example, in the case that your project is a promotional marketing video, you can sell your exclusive project to your client only if you have purchased a Pro License of the music that this project uses, since there will be no way to credit the authoship of the music.

If you are a License Pro user and are planning to pass the license to your client due to your creation of a multimedia product for your client (as a corporate video or a mobile app that does not credit authorship), you are free to do it with the proviso that the music used in your client’s product will be distributed with your license. If your client wants to be the assignee, then you or they have to purchase another license with the client credentials.

A Pro License is a lifetime license. The period of validity of this license never ends and it grants you to enjoy the rights in perpetuity.

Yes. You will be able to have a 16 Bit 44.1 kHz WAV file of every track you buy with a Pro License. These audio files will be perfectly ready to be played in an infinite loop.

Visit the general FAQ if you need to know about any other question.

A couple of things to keep in mind

  • With a Pro License, you are not required to credit Patrick de Arteaga or but you may not claim the audio material as your own work.
  • The Pro License is not exclusive, the rights of the audio material belong to If you want an exclusive soundtrack, please contact me.
  • When filling in the Pro License form and making the payment, you agree to provide with authentic personal information, as well as your billing information.
  • The resell and re-licensing of any audio material from is forbidden. You cannot distribute this music individually unless you credit properly. Even having a Pro License, you are not exempt from fulfilling this condition.
  • You are allowed to use any music from on social media and monetize your projects according to how the license you are using indicates. But you are not allowed to use this music on broadcast (TV, Radio), neither nation-wide nor internationally.
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