Fantasy, Epic and Orchestral Music

Download any of my fantasy tracks, ideal for medieval games. Here is orchestral and epic music, or you can try my themes of exotic music.

Everything is ready so you don’t have to worry about the copyright, just add a link to or my name Patrick de Arteaga in the credits of your projects. If you need more copyright-free music you can see the complete list in the link.

The Biggest Discovery
Mystery music to enhance your most enigmatic scenes.
No Place For Straw Cowboys
Based on the well-known style of Western movies. Draw!
Not Giving Up
An epic song in crescendo. It’s not medieval but it is orchestral with some electronic additions.
Spring Village
A Celtic style song, perfect to add life to the Iron Age or medieval times.
Relaxed and cheerful, inspired by a mythological place called Lyonesse.
I Miss You
If you need something emotional, sad or bittersweet, don’t look any further.
With totally traditional instruments, this Japanese song is ideal for your oriental projects.
A cheerful and rhythmic song to add to a happy town. Flutes and saxs sounding for a feteday.
Karibu Watu Wangu
Music was born with percussion, and in Africa, they master it with excellence.
Goliath’s Foe
One of my most epic themes. This orchestral piece is useful for fantastic and medieval games.
Kiss And Goodbye
A piano solo song, emotional and charming. Suitable for bittersweet moments.
1st Sonata – Snowy Stars
The result of a classical piano attempt when I was younger. Don’t you think it sounds interesting?
Batalla por la Libertad
Rock style with brass and violins. Add emotion and heroism to your tense clashes.
I think this one could be useful for staging strange dreams, memories, or fantasy places.
El Infausto Ladrón de Joyas A
Time ago I was inspired by a story in which a jewel thief never managed to steal anything.
El Infausto Ladrón de Joyas B
And that unlucky jewel thief had his sad moments, like this simple piano solo theme.
El Postre
Emotional song with a guitar and a violin as main instruments. Ideal for sad or tender scenes.
A small track that works perfectly in pleasant moments.
Flutes for Misha
An example of what you can do with various wind instruments each with its own melody.
Guerrero Colosal
Not a realistic orchestra but something similar with some epic chords.
Happy Ending
It starts with a simple but emotional piano solo melody, and it finishes with a violin and a cello.
Hasta Mi Planeta
This is similar to the previous one but with a fantastic feel.
Helplessness in Kowasni
Slow but emotional. Combined with strings and piano.
Interpretación de una Fantasía
With a harpsichord and a strange measure, this dismal track was born.
La Llamada de Ile
A sad man who fell in love with a sweet woman. Then she calls him to say ‘I love you too’?
La Verdad
Suspense little track, ideal for decisive moments or villain scenes.
Las Dos Fronteras
A nylon guitar and an accordion for a peaceful theme. Use it to add life to your quiet villages.
Happy and soft royalty free music to use in cheerful scenes.
Mimos Menguados
It can be happy, and it can be sad. This is one of those bittersweet songs, very helpful.
My Memory Lane
Perfect for memories. This song was intended to add an emotive lyric.
Prórroga de Tiempo B
With slow orchestral chords, this track may keep the suspense in a tense scene.
The Three Princesses of Lilac Meadow
Don’t ask me about the name, someone was watching a fairy tale on TV when I baptized it.
The True Story of Beelzebub
An epic orchestrated small song, perfect for fantastic and medieval games.
Vals de su jardín A
Cheerful fantasy theme to the rhythm of a waltz. Ideal for good mood games.
Vals de su jardín B
This version can be more nostalgic with its music box. Perfect bittersweet theme.
Vals de su jardín C
A slower and longer version played by a piano solo. Emotional, hopeful and cheerful.
Voices From Heaven
This kind of chill out music with celestial choirs can be helpful for godlike moments.
Voices From Earth
If your game is about fantasy in a medieval world, this can help you. Ideal for sad moments, too.

Creative Commons Music
These musical works are published under a Creative Commons license that allows their distribution and modification, even commercially (as long as they are part of another audiovisual project), provided that you grant the appropriate credit by sharing a link to this website or mentioning the name of the author: Patrick de Arteaga.

The term “non-copyrighted music” used on this website refers to the fact that the musical works displayed here do not retain all rights reserved. However, works with Creative Commons licenses are, in effect, protected by national laws and international copyright agreements.

Music for RPG video games

As in any video game, there is a type of music that is ideal to accompany fantasy stories, epic scenes and stages that refers to ancient times. But this type of adventure music does not belong to a specific genre, but usually consists of a set of genres and styles, as often happens in video games of RPG genre.

We can take any game of the Final Fantasy saga as an example, which mixes different genres according to the situation, or we can mention the Nintendo Zelda games. Most RPG game soundtracks would get into the fantasy music genre.

Within this type of music, we can also talk about medieval and orchestral music, which in some way one is the evolution of the other, and also about genres that have popularized recently, such as the genre of epic music.

Both epic music, orchestral music, fantasy music or medieval music can be considered different types or genres. However, in video games, they have something in common, and that is that joined the context of the game, they create a strong feeling in the player that makes a soundtrack become unforgettable. Even their songs are classified according to the feelings or emotions they generate.

Any RPG worth his salt could be accompanied by this type of music. If you are thinking of developing a fantasy or medieval epic video game, you are in the right place. Here you can download this type of compositions, and indeed for free. Although, of course, if what you want is an original soundtrack made to your needs, you can contact me, these genres are one of my specialties.

Medieval music

As the name implies, here we are talking about compositions that follow the characteristics of music from the Middle Ages.

If we talk about known games, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is an example where we can find some song according to the characteristics. Although most of its soundtrack is made up of orchestral music, we can also find pieces that mix Middle Age scales.

I know that this will sound obvious, but in this type of video game, set in the Middle Ages, it is important that it is accompanied by some medieval music; never electronic music or arcade music, for example, as it would not help the player to immerse himself in the game.

Orchestral music

This style of music is in almost all the games currently known as triple A (AAA) since it is popularly considered to be at the level of an A in sound qualification. Music played by a symphonic or philharmonic orchestra also often falls under the genre of epic music. Needless to say, therefore, that in this genre you can listen to instruments such as violins, cellos, double basses, flutes, oboes, clarinets, harps, pianos, timpanis, etc.

Before the sixth generation of consoles, orchestral music on games could hardly be compared to the sound quality of a real orchestra, so games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, with a spectacular soundtrack, released albums with his orchestrated compositions remade.

If you have been in the world of video game development for a long time, you should also consider the Final Fantasy VI soundtrack as one of the best and most complete in video game music history, to the point where there are thousands of covers and versions of its songs. There are games that without their orchestral music would not be what they are.

It may also be said that orchestral music in video games does not have to fall under certain specific genres of games. If, as an indie developer or company, you are thinking of creating, for example, a puzzle game, a good orchestral music also would go perfectly.

Fantasy music

More than just a genre, it is like a free musical form where the creativity of the composer is prioritized. Innovation and trying to get away from the canons is what makes a work stand out and pigeonhole it in some way in this special genre, which derives from classical music.

All video games inspired by fantastic worlds, magic or mythological creatures, among other things, are a great example of fantasy music. Often this type of music is made up of orchestral instruments and medieval music due to the context of the game, although, if the context varied enough, there would be no reason to mention these characteristics.

But one of the characteristics that best define fantasy video games, is the leitmotiv that gives the main characters with their own personality. The abundant harmony of fantasy music becomes sentimental songs that make you drop some tears of emotion.

Epic music

We could relate the word “epic” to “heroic”, after all, an epic is a genre of poetry about legendary feats carried out by heroes of ancient times. But, currently, the definition of epic music is created by the community, the audience, or people through social networks. That music that makes them feel heroism or that has a big emotional burden will be what is considered as epic, and this also depends largely on the visual scene that is accompanying a song.

Epic music is a relatively new musical genre and it is a mixture of other genres. In video games, we can find it in heroic scenes, hopeful, or very emotional, especially in a battle against a final boss of an RPG is where this type of epic music fits most. Listen to my song Batalla por la Libertad (Battle for Freedom) on the list above, and if you like it, it’s all yours.

As I have already mentioned, the main characteristic of epic music is the emotion inside the compositions, pieces with airs and graces, full of harmony and with a musical structure that endows the player with brave and courage.

Download epic, orchestral, fantasy and medieval music

In this section, you can find music of these styles free of copyright, which you can use to complement your video games, YouTube videos, or any type of audiovisual project. In addition, you will also find exotic music like some traditional Japanese song or with folkloric instruments from Africa.

You will see that there is a brief description of each track so that you can get an idea of its content and how you could use it in your project. Of course, you also have a simple music player where you can listen to each song without having to download it.

Remember that these works are registered under the Creative Commons music license, which allows commercial use, modification, and free distribution, but always mentioning the original author, in this case, Patrick de Arteaga. You can do it just with a link to this site.