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Looking for something specific? I am adding new interesting products bit by bit, always responding to the most demanded. Take a look at the following items, all of them with quality content, at low prices, and totally royalty free.

MIDI & Chiptune Music Pack Vol. 3
MIDI & Chiptune Music Pack Vol. 1
MIDI & Chiptune Music Pack Vol. 2
Battle Against Fear Music Pack


What is royalty-free music?
The copyright of a work belongs to its author. Each time that work is used, the author receives a royalty, that is, a payment. Royalty-free music (do not confuse with non-copyrighted) refers to music that, once bought or purchased, can be utilized without having to pay for each time it is used.

Can I monetize my games and videos where your music appears?
Yes. Also, being royalty-free music, you should not worry about sharing the benefits with me.

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