Action Music

Choose and download action music, ideal for battles, fights or tense scenes of your video game projects. All of this tracks are not copyrighted, so you can use them just writing my name Patrick de Arteaga and a link to this website in the credits of your game. And, of course, it’s royalty-free.



Luchando En El Peligro 2.0
After a mixture of folk and modern, this theme emerged 10 years ago. Now remixed.
Interstellar Odyssey
Perfect for arcade and futuristic games and. Electronic music always works with Sci-Fi genre.
Electronic Fantasy
Very rythmical arcade theme. Nice for platform and adventure games.
Acción (Merodeador Nocturno)
Useful theme for intense battles, with strong percussion and some hopeful chords.
Batalla por la Libertad
Rock style with brass and violins. Add emotion and heroism to your tense clashes.
Biological Weapon
A strong and rhythmic battle theme focused on horror. This can be useful for playing a monster.
Death At My Heels
Shuddering chase and intense persecutions with an orchestral style.
Heroic Intrusion
I was inspired by something epic and futuristic. I think it is ideal for fights and adventure games.
Humble Match
A rhythmic theme, perhaps for a disco, perhaps for a fight.
It's Time To Run
The monster is chasing you! Terror theme for spooky stories, maybe? It's up to you!
Let's Play With The Demon
Some people have said that this is the loudest song they've heard. I'll take it as a compliment.
Markalo goes to the disco
A simple modern theme made to set parties or even futuristic battles.
Prórroga de Tiempo A
This kind of cinematic music is suitable for tension or danger moments.
Rey de Picas
Suitable for hard fights, this boss theme emerged from the darkest corners of my imagination.
Toxic Skinnies - Bass Y
A mix of mystery and the Hip-Hop genre. It can be used for dark scenes.

These works are published under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY):

Allowing distribute and modify these works for any purpose, even commercially, provided that the author Patrick de Arteaga is cited with a link to this site.