Free background music

download free background music

If you are looking for free instrumental music to use in your multimedia projects you have found the right place. In this post, besides telling you where to download free background music, we will talk about all the issues that may be related to this type of music. But first of all… What is background …

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Reason Studios

Reason Software Logo

Some people ask me what music production software I use to compose my copyright-free music. First of all, you should know that the really important element when composing a song is your creativity, the rest is only a means to capture what you have in mind. And if you think that being creative with music means …

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MIDI format in video games

MIDI format sequencer

Although the soundtrack section isn’t always appreciated by players, the music in video games is of vital importance. Is there, therefore, a way to musically optimize a video game project with a light weight format, which has good sound quality and is completely modifiable until you are able to create your own soundtrack? Yes. In …

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How to copyright your works for free online


How and where to copyright a creative work? This is a doubt that goes through the head of all creative artists. You have just finished creating your song/article/screenplay/graphic art/software/etc. and you feel so proud that you fear that someone may steal your work and claim the rights as if they were theirs. What do I …

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