Battle Against Fear Music Pack


Haunted places, terrifying encounters and nightmarish memories long to be awakened in this pack brought from the underworld. Why should you have it? Because music is the main ingredient so that a scary story come alive. 

Battle Against Fear Music Pack that I composed works as a full soundtrack and has it all for your story. There is a wide range of terrifying melodies, from a music box to the most strident orchestra. There are also songs with progressive changes and their split versions are included so you can choose freely. All this is accompanied by a main melody that is repeated in different ways in several tracks to achieve so that your story leaves a trace on the hearts of your viewers. 

Use these tracks in your video game, in your YouTube video, in your art exhibition, in your podcast, your interview, series, movie, etc., totally royalty-free and no need to credit me.


Listen to some samples here:

To be clearer, when buying this pack you will get:

  • 21 Background music tracks.
  • Split versions of these tracks are included.
  • All music files are prepared to loop.
  • WAV, MP3 & OGG formats included.
  • 10 Eventual music tracks and sound effects.
  • 7 High resolution monochrome artworks.
  • A visual novel with a full fiction story.

Are you going to buy it now or wait for its price to rise?