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Looking for original music for your game? You are in the right place!

My name is Patrick de Arteaga and I am a music composer. I have orchestral themes for you, exotic music of any age and culture, 8/16-bit chiptune music, horror, sci-fi, even soundscapes to add life to any type of ambience.

You can listen to my music and download any of my FREE tracks. You can also visit my store to purchase customizable music in MIDI format or can even contact me for commissions.

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Today's testimonial:

av1 "He is an outstanding producer. I have enormous respect to him as a professional and as a person. With him I made my dream a reality and we put a song on the official Capcom music repertoire."

D.K. - Vocalist of Toxic Skinnies.

av2 "Patrick showed great commitment and professionalism with us. He has a very dynamic style and is well accustomed to different musical styles."

Michael Castaño - Director of Descendencia Carmesí.

av3 "Great team worker and immediate answer with a professional level. After finish our game, I'm not tired yet of hearing the music he composed us."

Moisés Vigut - Developer & 3D Animator.

av4 "We're very pleased with the work done by Patrick. He is a great composer with power and huge musical criteria."

Brassman - Graphist & Co-CEO in Netherware Entertainment.

av5 "Patrick has been a great asset for my game with his well-composed, amazing music. He has a wide variety of style and atmosphere when it comes to creating a track, and it never fails to impress me. I've been a fan of his work for some time, and it is safe to say, this guy's got style."

Kyle Clarke - Musician & Game Developer of Ignarus.