Frequently Asked Questions

Both terms are different.

Non-copyrighted: Copyrighted Music cannot be used without the permission of its author. But when the music is copyright-free (non-copyrighted), it is understood that it has no copyright on it, therefore it is free to use and this is usually indicated through a Creative Commons license.

Royalty-free: When a musical work is copyrighted, every time that work is used, the author receives a royalty, that is, a payment. Royalty-free music refers to music that, once bought or purchased, can be utilized without having to pay for each time it is used.

Note: Obviously, non-copyrighted music is also royalty-free music. But royalty-free music does not mean that it is always not-copyrighted.

My music on the section FREE Music is registered under a Creative Commons license with an attribution condition. This means that you can use it freely in your projects (even the commercial ones) with the proviso that you put a link to this website or my name (Patrick de Arteaga) there where you use it.

If you cannot or prefer not to give credit, you can buy a Pro License, which will allow you to use my music without having to mention such authorship.
Both licenses have different limitations. Visit the licensing section so you can have a better idea.

Yes. When I started posting my original music, I was used to working with game developers, creating music for many situations with different emotions. Since this music is background music, after all, it perfectly fits into any audiovisual work.

With the Free License you can use my music in your multimedia projects, such as games, YouTube videos (or other video platforms), independent films, podcasts, etc., always giving credit to this website.

With a Pro License, you can use my music anywhere (even in non-multimedia projects, such as places for physical activities), except in some cases as broadcast television systems, for which you will need a Broadcast License.

Yes. Also, being royalty-free music, you should not worry about sharing the profits with me.

No, it shouldn’t. But YouTube and other social networks (as Twitch or Facebook) uses a software to keep off the breaches of copyright and there may be cases of error.

My music is copyright-free, so if you have a copyright claim, contest the claim restoring audio and checking that you have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder, and then add a link to my website.

After that, please, contact me and let me know about the claim so I can also take action properly.

Yes. You can edit my music freely, remix it and create derivative works, as long as when you distribute it, you comply with the condition of attributing authorship with a link to this website or with my name Patrick de Arteaga, and indicate if any modifications have been made.

If you are a Pro License or a Broadcast License user, you are exempt from the above, as long as you comply with the condition of not to sell the modified audio material individually.

You can simply copy the link of your browser and paste it. Some examples:


On YouTube, for example, you can add the link in the video description, or in the video itself.

If you have a Twitch channel, you can add the link in a panel.

In the case that it is a website with free text editing, I appreciate if you put a direct link to the FREE Music section within the words Royalty Free Music by Patrick de Arteaga.

In a game or mobile app, you can include it in the credits section of your project, or like in the movies. You can put my name Patrick de Arteaga instead of the link if you think it doesn’t look attractive.

I will look for you, I will find you, and I will tell your mom what you have done. Ok, I’m joking.

Actually, I can’t persecute you with the intention of forcing you to comply with the law. Well, yes, I could. If you refuse to give credit even after I have contacted you to do so, I could really file a complaint about rights infringement of an intellectual property, and call my lawyers to make you pay dearly for your sins.

But all that is a bit stressful. So, let’s say that I trust you are a polite person with moral and ethical principles, and that if your project becomes a little known, people will know it, and I will know it.

If you are a Pro License or a Broadcast License user, nothing happens.

I do not make exclusive works for free. The only music for free that I compose is for everybody and I always make it by my own decision, no responding to requests.

Formerly I used to use MIDI synthesizers on a Korg Pa800 Professional Arranger Keyboard after composing on my PC with Cakewalk Pro Audio program (predecessor of the current Sonar).

I am currently using Reason Studios (formerly known as Propellerhead Reason) with its complete mastering options.

Safe Creative is the website where I register the intellectual property of my works and assign Creative Commons licenses or Copyright. They have more than 10 years of experience and a great advisory service, in addition to their own social network.

Do you have any other question? Just ask me.