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The following is a form to purchase a Broadcast License. This license will allow you to use all the tracks you choose without having to credit, and it will grant you its usage there where the Pro License does not reach, such as on TV or Radio broadcasting.

Please, fill in all the fields with the most accurate information possible so that the license represents you (or your Company) properly. Don’t worry, your personal data will be completely safe!


Broadcast License

Break the limits of the Pro License!
  • Enter your full name or the name of your Company. This field will represent the licensee.
  • Indicate what type of identification document you will use to identify yourself as a licensee. You can use any citizenship ID or the VAT number of your business or Company. (This field is optional)
  • By entering any identification number you will be assured as the owner of the license. Here you can enter the number of the ID document type you chose above. (This field is optional)
  • This is to help prove your ID number. (This field is optional)
  • Your Broadcast License will be automatically sent to your email address, and you will be able to claim its resend as many times as you wish.
  • Select the track or tracks of which you want to have a Broadcast License. The newest tracks are at the bottom of the list.
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